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Clear on Death: Ani Choetso

Clear on Death: Conversations with a Death Doula

Jane Weintraub

In this episode I interview Jane Weintraub. Jane works as a coach, with a focus on the right career fit as an extension of meaning and purpose in life. This intervie...

Shane Metcalf

An early 2020 interview with Shane Metcalf, the Chief Culture Officer and cofounder of 15Five. He started 15Five to help companies bring out the best in their people....

Ernest White II

I discuss taking on a project bigger than yourself with Ernest White II, the producer of Fly Brother, a television travel docu-series.

Michael Taft

I interview Michael Taft on what it takes to get your teachings and work out to your audience. Along the way, we explore his life adventures, spiritual teachings, and...

Danielle Applestone

In this episode, I interview Danielle Applestone, the founder of Daughters of Rosie. She's an engineer, entrepreneur, and a mom, who has started multiple startups. T...

Michael Owens - Pt 2

We continue our journey into the magical world of Buddhist Sutras and explore procrastination, creativity, relationships.

Michael Owens - Pt 1

In this episode we journey into the magical world of Buddhist Sutras and how they can help us in our modern lives.

Why I'm creating this podcast

I take a minute to share why I'm doing this podcast. Plus, what do you think of the intro music?

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