Clear on Death: Ani Choetso

Clear on Death: Conversations with a Death Doula

Ani Choetso, or Maria Montenegro, born to Puerto Rican parents and hailing from Philadelphia, by way of Germany, Iowa, east coast places, India, and Iowa again. She has lived her life immersed in Dharma since an encounter with illness and mortality at 12 left her with questions she did not find answers to within the Catholic faith of her upbringing.

She went on to study world religions at Smith College and Harvard Divinity School, and trained intensively with masters from both the Theravada and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, inspired by Buddha's invitation to question deeply. Active as an editor and co-translator of Dharma materials since the 90s, she has also worked to engage the theory with the practice of active compassion, spending much time working with the dying, bereaved, or existentially challenged. She's an ACPE board-eligible interfaith chaplain having done four units of CPE in Vermont and New Mexico, and more recently, an ordained Buddhist nun.

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